TikTok’s in town! UofGH alumni turned TikTok pros will join us for an exclusive interview

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Whipped coffee, salmon rice bowls, pretty much every Doja Cat song, “Put a finger down” challenges . . . I think you get where we’re going with this – we’re talking TikTok! 

The digital platform has dominated our phones since the beginning of 2020 and the takeover is only growing. You’ve experienced the app through our screens, but don’t you want to know what you don’t get to see? What happens behind the scenes?

In comes TikTok; In Front and Behind the FYP – an intimate talk show style interview with TikTok experts Victoria Manakis – Client Solutions Manager at Tiktok Canada, Zoya Rahim – artist and content creator, and Naomi Leanage – full-time content creator. These influencers and professionals from the TikTok Canada office are offering a behind-the-scenes look made just for you – future Guelph-Humber students! Victoria, Zoya and Naomi are folks who’ve walked through the halls of Guelph-Humber before and have sat in the same lecture halls that you could be learning in one day – they’re UofGH-alumni!

As an attendee, you can expect to hear from those who know the ins and outs of the For You Page – true TikTok experts. And we can’t wait to hear from our guests during the interview, but we’re also very excited for the second half of the event: tips and tricks on how to make a shareworthy TikTok. Learn how to make it onto the FYP from the pros! 

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Featured Image Credit: Oluwalanumi Oluokun

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