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The Fight Against a Lack of Black Representation in PR

30+ black-owned media & event companies: a GTA business spotlight curated by Kaela Johnson, Danya Elsayed & Kedice Jones credits: byblacks.com online directory

Public Relations professionals team together to support GTA-based, Black-led communications and event management companies.

Canada prides itself on multiculturalism and inclusion yet the media industry faces constant criticism over its lack of Black representation.

#GHalumni Kaela Johnson, Class of 2020, says, “When you look at a public relations or marketing agency and see little to no Black employees, it can be so disheartening and discouraging.”

She teamed together with fellow #GHalumni Danya Elsayed, and Kedice Jones to curate a list of 35 GTA-based, Black-led communications and event management companies and entrepreneurs through their own research and the ByBlacks.com directory.

Lisa Mukandi of UnwindTO and the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper featured the list on their social platforms. The posts have received over 150 reshares and 233 engagements.

If you or someone you know requires any communications, marketing, branding, and event management services, check out these incredible individuals and businesses to see if their talents and skillsets can support your needs. Click here for a downloadable PDF version.

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Abbey Cole is a motivated Public Relations student who is passionate about diversity and inclusion. Since 2018, she has been a strong community member at #UofGH as the Social Media Assistant. She hopes to become an international change maker and be featured MXN’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada before 2030. Abbey currently hosts weekly Club House live podcast rooms to discuss a variety of media relations topics. More information can be found on her LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acole04/

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