The second episode of Varsity Clues: Myths and Legends gives you an insider look at rumoured athletics stories. Alex Cianfarani, Bianca Di Felice, David Leo and Jonina Charles talk about crazy events regarding the infamous Stanley cup trophy and celebration legends from varsity athletes at the University of Guelph.

Varsity Clues: Myths and Legends is produced and hosted by fourth-year University of Guelph-Humber Media and Communication Studies (MCS) students. They dive into topics related to colleges and universities and uncover stories about myths and legends told and heard by students.

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Links and Resources

Story One: Sports Rituals [Time Stamp 01:20]
The link above details why athletes may participate in simple or extreme rituals to keep them on their game. Check out the Gryphon Football Team Chant. This is the chant was played in this episode. This chant is performed before every game to get the players pumped and motivated to give every game they perform in their absolute best.

Story Two: The Legend of Bill Barilko [Time Stamp 12:17]
The Toronto Star provides more details of the 11 Year mystery of the disappearance of Bill Barilko. It also includes pictures from the night he scored his final NHL goal and also the banner that now hangs up in the rafters of the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

Story Three: Stanley Cup Legends [Time Stamp 25:15]
This article provides more information on the background of the Stanley Cup, as mentioned in depth by Alex in the episode. It also includes other little known facts that we did not mention.
Ottawa Citizen details more information on what may or may not have taken place when the Ottawa Silver Sevens supposedly kicked the cup across the Rideau Canal.
On top of then Avalanche defenseman Sylvain Lefebvre baptizing his child in 1996, more recently in 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins forward Josh Archibald had his son christened in the bowl of the Stanley Cup.
Following the Pittsburgh Penguins most recent Stanley Cup win in 2017, Sports Illustrated got some members of the winners of back to back championships in 1991 and 1992 for a reflection on their time in Pittsburgh and some of the antics they got up to during their celebrations, including the infamous “Pool Incident”.
Fansided’s article from 2018 is one of the most up to date lists on some more antics the Cup found itself in over the years. If you are curious about what else the Stanley Cup has been put through this bit of extra reading is highly recommended.

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