Introducing the Emerge Video Production Team

Group photo of Video Production team

We are excited to share. We are excited to create. We are excited to inspire. Say hello to the Emerge Video Production Team.

Who is the Emerge Video Production Team?

Emerge 2022 Video Production is a team of thirteen fourth-year media students at Guelph-Humber specializing in Visual Communication. They have worked diligently to create captivating motion pictures for the Emerge project. Scroll on to learn more about each member!

Adam Gomes

Lead Organizer, Videographer

Adam is a videographer and working as an organizer of the team. Interests in working on television/film sets and editing for various events or projects.

Portrait of Adam Gomes

Abbie Pineda

Videographer, Writer

Abbie is a videographer and content-writer, currently working at a 3D Printing Operation as a Marketing and Video Production intern. She aspires to pursue a career in video-journalism and content writing.

Ben Gundrum

Writer, Producer

Ben is a writer and producer aspiring to pursue a career in film production. After graduating from Guelph-Humber, he will attend the Toronto Film School to continue making connections and creating video content.

Dresden Salvatierra

Editor, Livestream Technician

Specializes in the art of Filmmaking and has been involved in roles such as Directing, Editing, and DOP. Enjoys the process every step of the way and still has so much to learn.

Erick Lopez

Video Editor/ Moral Support

Erick is a video editor and has an interest in graphic design as well. He hopes to pursue a career in the film/television industry or in the design world.

Jessica Liquorish

Videographer, Director, Photographer

Jessica is a videographer/photographer that has also been involved in roles such as directing, editing and producing. She wants to pursue a career in television/film and or fashion photography/videography.

Scott McMulkin

Editor, Camera, Documentary

Scott loves to edit videos, film videos, and be the life of the party.

Kevin Tran

Editor of many things

Kevin is a motion graphics/video editor. He’s interested in working in tv and movie sets as well as at home.

Michael Pitruzzella

Videographer, Editor, Livestream Technician

Michael is a videographer/editor, based in the GTA. His interests include cinematography, editing and he hopes to pursue a career in the film industry.

Noureen Rahman

Director, Videographer, Editor

Noureen is a director and editor, dedicated to pursuing a career as a film director. Noureen loves to create stories and make them come to life through movies and tv shows.

Saif Ismail

Videographer, Editor

Saif is a videographer and editor, dedicated to creative content production. He’s passionate about shooting and producing all sorts of subject matter, especially automotive.

Ryan Allen-Hallam

Editor, Videographer, Audio, Live Broadcaster

Ryan is a videographer and editor that is passionate about creating compelling visuals and narratives on projects from animation to film. He wants to pursue a career in live broadcasting and television after Guelph-Humber.

Julian Rasetta

Videographer, Video Editor

Julian is a visionary. A compelling storyteller who strives to please the masses with stunning visuals and a great sense of humour. He is proficient in recording video but has a strong passion for creating on-screen “magic” through visual effects and video manipulation. His goal is to land a career in leading a team of like-minded, creative, and passionate individuals who seek purpose in bringing joy and emotion to audiences of all kinds. He wants to grant escapism to his viewers.

All portrait images of the team members are credited to Jessica Liquorish

Featured image credit: Kristine Nguyen