Emerge Web Magazine 10th Anniversary: A Non-Linear Retrospective

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Emerge Magazine is an institution that possesses a strange dichotomy: it is maintained by a thread of tradition that cohesively links every annual enterprise, and yet it is also wonderfully iconoclastic, with each new set of guiding hands forcing the brand to perpetually evolve.

The Emerge 2022 web magazine team had the privilege of getting our turn in the driver’s seat this semester – an opportunity that for the last four years we had eagerly been waiting for. And we hope that, as this project comes to a close, we have fulfilled our duties to the magazine to the best of our abilities.

But this year also happens to mark the 10th anniversary since the debut of the Emerge web magazine in 2012. To have watched it grow and evolve as it has in the last decade is nothing short of an achievement and a genuine source of pride for all of us who have ever been involved.

And no anniversary is ever complete without a retrospective worthy of the occasion. Of course, this compilation is only a snippet of the abundance of wonderful material that has been produced for this magazine. But we also selected these pieces in accordance with this year’s ‘non-linear path,’ and chose material that was reflective of the themes of change, breaking conventions, and adapting to the world around us.

To all who preceded Emerge 2022, thank you. And well wishes to those enthusiastically waiting for their turn at the helm.


Before you turn 30 By Sarah Subnath

What makes this story even more endearing is that the Emerge 2012 team have most likely already celebrated their 30th birthdays by now. I wonder how many of the things on this list they’ve managed to cross off.


Emerging: The Next Generation in Quotes By Bushra Layeq

To think that nine years ago, the so-called ‘next generation’ in question was Gen Z (a.k.a. us).  Ever dreamed of travelling back in time to meet your younger self? Well, this story is the closest you’re going to get.


Metrosexy: It’s the New Guy Thing By Veronica Granja-Sierra

Identity politics has grown to be a more pressing discussion within the public consciousness in the last decade. This story is not only a reflection of how things were back then, but also now serves as a retrospective with how things have continued to change until now.


Lack of Support: A Profile in Photos By Christina Balram

There is very little subject matter that is more about adaptability and dealing with change than an immigrant’s story, and this one is definitely not to be overlooked.


So You Want to Be a Grown-Up? By Melissa Wankiewicz

Each generation as they come of age feels like they have to fight for their place in the world, and ours is no exception. This essay may have been from six years ago, but it has become no less relevant.


S E C O N D S By Sara Martin

Change often comes into our lives unannounced. This wonderful photo essay reminds us that you never know what might happen and that our time is finite, so we should make every second count.


Dave Bidini: What the Future Holds for Music In Toronto By Brandon Brown

Careers in music and writing have never been easy, regardless of who you are or where you’re from. Do you think that there have been any improvements in fostering these communities since?


How Cannabis Legalization is Changing Journalism By Matt Sexsmith

Did you know that ‘weed journalism’ was a thing? Well, you do now. But at the time of this publication, marijuana had only been legalized about five months prior, and all of this was yet to come.


COVID-19 and the new normal By Alyssa Alibaksh and Melissa Lopez-Martinez

If there was a manifestation of what ‘the non-linear path’ truly means, this story would be it. Need I say more?


Crisis Managing Your Way to Confidence By Jamie Vergara

It’s scary to go after your dreams – but it’s scarier to constantly wonder, “What if?”

Featured Image Credit: Nicolas Neri

Leonardo Carretas

Leonardo Carretas is the editor-in-chief of EMERGE 2022 Web Magazine.

Ever since he was a child, Leonardo Carretas had set his sights on a singular dream: to become a musician. Journalism was the back-up plan, but that's all right too.