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A Visual Showcase

Photographer: Calen Ancheta
Photographer: Braeden Mizal
Photographer: Heather Knight
Photographer: Megan Roopnarine
Photographer: Tianna Cavoto
Photographer: Sahrina Aujila
Photographer: Charaiyah Clarke-Kalloo
Photographer: Louisa Bastone
Photographer: Jaylen Smith-Williams
Photographer: Zachary Guberman
Photography: Stella Ng

A Sports Showcase

When Jack Bender set out to create the first-ever Emerge Sports Image Bank, he did so to provide student editors and producers access to licensed images to use in the magazine’s various stories, newscasts and podcasts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since beginning in January, Jack has compiled almost 250 photographs, most of them his own, with 20 photos contributed from classmates Maria Bambara and Maciej Pawluch. Jack started with his 2021 documentation of snowboarders, but his photographs also include skateboarding and surfing, as well as images of varsity hockey, intramural dodgeball, floor hockey and volleyball, all taken during Jack’s time as a sports photographer for Humber College.

Although taking photos during the pandemic certainly offered a unique challenge, Jack made sure to make the most of this opportunity, as to not only showcase his own skills, but to also capture moments of joy and interest during these hard times.

– Jack Bender and Ryan Boyd

A goal celebration for the Toronto Attack hockey team! Back in 2016, Maria Bambara communicated the true spirit of a team in a single photograph. Canlan Ice Sports complex, York University.

Before COVID-19, team sports gave anybody who wanted to play a chance to get out on the ice and get moving! Jack Bender took this photograph of Humber College Rec in January, 2020, while working for Humber Athletics.

Beaches offer the best backdrop for sports photography. Although found in many places, dune grass certainly adds an extra element to this July, 2020, photo taken by Jack Bender of Nick Selway skimboarding at Sauble Beach, Ont.

Summer 2020 was a summer unlike any we have seen, but for many, the beach became a retreat from from the rest of the world. Blake Zimmerman and skimboarding friends gathering at a safe distance during a golden hour at Sauble Beach, Ont. Photograph by Jack Bender.

Skateboarding in Toronto provides a creative community for all who wish to join. Maceij Pawluch captured ta skareboarder in flight in Dunpat Skatepark near College and Bathurst streets in 2019.

With “staycations” becoming a popular trend in 2020, we decided to travel to new beaches in our local areas. Jack Bender photographed skimboarder Desmond Gouin in Southampton, Ont., in June.

As the sun sets over the peaks of Ontario “mountains”, a golden hour sets in over a long day at the foothills in Barrie, Ont. Jack Bender writes that this photograph of good friends snowboarding in 2019 is one of his favourites.

Georgia Bender, Sauble Beach, Ont., July, 2020: Great Lakes surfing has become one of the fastest growing sports in Ontario, now known as the “fresh coast”. This was one of the first surfing photographs Jack Bender ever took.

“Before the kids went back to school, the pros taught their last skimboarding lesson of the season. This is the last photograph I took and I don’t think I could have captured a better end to the summer.” Jack Bender photographed Shaymus Finlay skimboarding in August, 2020, at Sauble Beach, Ont.

While lockdowns forced ski hills to close, local hills became our go-to place for snowboarding. Shaymus Finlay by Jack Bender, in Walkerton, Ont., January, 2021.

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