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My name is Michaela and I’m a 4th year Journalism student. I’m also a Project coordinator and writer on the FLUX Magazine. When I’m not writing articles or doing research you can usually find me reading a book, taking a walk outside, or going through the Starbucks drive thru. I’m always curious and have a passion for telling stories.

Hi, my name is Francisco, and I am the Managing Editor of the Emerge Flux Magazine. Am a fourth-year Media Studies student specializing in VisualCommunications. I have a passion for everything video, photography and graphic design. I find joy in traveling and I am a chicken wing connoisseur.

Daniela bridges cultures and communities together. She flourishes through endeavors in podcasting, photography, and art direction. Her approach to storytelling is motivated by the relationships found in digital spaces. She can be found building a community on Twitch from time to time.

Hey I’m Sean! I’m a fourth year media studies student specializing in visual communication. I am a big fan of all things photography and videography related and aspire to make a career from my work. Currently I’m taking each day as it comes and trying to live in the moment.

Jenna Babinchak is a 22 year old media student specializing in journalism. She is studying to go to law school and hopes to one day publish her own novel.

Abbey Cole is a motivated Public Relations student who is passionate about diversity and inclusion. Since 2018, she has been a strong community member at #UofGH as the Social Media Assistant. She hopes to become an international change maker and be featured MXN’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada before 2030. Abbey currently hosts weekly Club House live podcast rooms to discuss a variety of media relations topics. More information can be found here.


Hello! My name is Rhys, and I am the sports anchor and assistant news director for EMERGE News NOW. Since leaving Ted Rogers School of Management to pursue Journalism at the University of Guelph-Humber in 2017, I have successfully published several articles and multimedia features under the Travel & Tourism, Lifestyle, and Entertainment sectors on GH360. Besides my love for writing and storytelling, I’m passionate about learning different cultures, travelling to new places and trying different foods! In my spare time you can find me shopping at my local Costco, playing R&B guitar in my basement, or taking a long drive out of the city.

I am the sports reporter for EMERGE News Now, and I produce the weekly student-athlete feature. I specialize in journalism, and I have written technology articles and multimedia projects for GH360. One of my favourite pieces of work that I have created was a multimedia project on the 2020 American wildfire season called “West coast wildfires: burning land, destroying lives.” Some of my interests include travelling, watching soccer and basketball.

I am the co-anchor and executive producer for EMERGE News NOW. Before my current role, I covered some of the biggest political stories in Ontario with GH360 – including the Ontario secondary school teachers’ strike, the new Finch West LRT connecting Humber College’s north campus to Finch West subway station and the effect that the pandemic had on essential grocery store workers. Before GH360, I was the co-anchor for GHTV News and was named one of the University of Guelph-Humber’s nominees for the 2021 Joan Donaldson Scholarship.

I am currently a member of the Digital Communications video team and the head graphic designer and assistant video editor for Emerge News Now. My experience with media and communications expanded this year with me taking on the role of social media coordinator for Richmond Hill Minor Softball Association as well as becoming a digital marketing intern with a business called Caiden Media. My dream job is working with Netflix in their Creative Lab as an editor.

Hello! My name is Kylie Rooth, and I specialize in Digital Communications and I am on the DC Video Production Team for Emerge. We are creating, filming, and editing promotional videos for the Media Business and Public Relations competitions, as well as preparing for the Emerge Media Awards. Also, right now I am interning with the Canyon Entertainment Group as a video editor and volunteering with ENN (Emerge News Now) as a video editor. As you can see I love anything video-related and this passion comes from my drive to bringing stories to life to share with others. I believe being busy is important but so is taking breaks and having fun with what you are doing!

Hello everyone! My name is Jana and I’m the social media producer of EMERGE News NOW. Before ENN, I have social media experience through non-profit work I’ve done as a hobby since 2018. I’m excited to be working on the promotional side of a newscast for my first time! As a student in the Media Business stream, marketing and social media are my passions! In the summer of 2020, I was an intern at Warner Music Canada in the Streaming Services department where I helped organize and catalog new music releases, as well as promote them through social media and updating Topsify playlists weekly.

Hi there, I’m Christen Wong and I’m the news director and co-anchor for EMERGE News NOW! I have spent a lot of hours and time planning my newscast and I am excited to deliver news to the community this winter! I’m very proud of my team, as we have created ENN all remotely! I love telling stories and have enjoyed student journalism at Guelph-Humber, from being an anchor on GHTV and writing for GH360! Outside of the newsroom, I love to bake treats, cook yummy food and dance! I also enjoy creating lenses and filters for Snapchat! Feel free to check out my food stories and life journey on my Instagram.

Web Designers

Hi there! I’m Alexis; an inspiring Graphic Designer and soon to be graduate at the University of Guelph-Humber. I’m an adventure junky looking to start my next journey in freelancing while I independently travel to the western coast of Canada. I am a lover of all things art, nature, and most importantly, my pet rabbit, Fig.

Hello! My name is Maria Bambara, and I am a fourth-year Media Studies Student at the University of Guelph-Humber. Currently, I am living in Toronto, Ontario. My passions include web development & design, sports, music, and being outdoors.

I’m Mylene, the team lead for the Emerge web magazine 2021. I’m in my fourth year of media studies. I am working towards getting into law school with the hopes of becoming a human rights or social justice lawyer.

Hello! I’m Jessica Pacella, team lead for Emerge’s Multimedia Storytelling Project 2021. I am on my final year in Media Studies. I aspire to become a Web Designer and to one day teach English in South Korea. On my spare time, I am a practicing cartoonist and writer. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, watching anime and fishing.

Hello I’m Jonah Eisenberg I am a fourth year media studies student at the University of Guelph Humber with a focus on Digital Communications. I intend on going to Real Estate school to get my realtor’s license. My interests are Digital Design, Web Design, as well as making money.

4th year Media Studies student with a speciality in Digital Communications at the University of Guelph-Humber. Currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, you can catch me watching horror movies or getting angry about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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