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EMERGE Dress For Success

There are many definitions for success. Success can be defined by the accomplishment of a goal, the attainment of wealth, position or honours. It can be found in personal achievements and perseverance. Success to some people is simply finding happiness within themselves.

This complex term was the running theme for Emerge 2018. Following suit, this year’s Emerge Conference was filled with fashionably dressed attendees, from tailored three-piece suits to elevated Emerge t-shirts. To fit the part, students truly did put their best foot forward (in Laura Lourenco’s case, with a killer pair of Jimmy Choo heels) and dressed for success.

Let’s get into a few of the most successful dressers of the Emerge 2018 Conference.


Lettered studio lights "EMERGE"




Julian Klimczyk, Host of Emerge Conference 2018 and Head of Videography


Julian Klimczyk, Host of Emerge


The Host of the Emerge Conference must embody success and exude confidence. Julian Klimczyk projected these qualities in a full midnight blue suit from H&M, shoes from Topman and a coordinating tie from the Salvation Army. Matching shoes tied everything together while burgundy striped socks added an unexpected flare to this structured outfit. What stood out the most from Klimczyk’s look was the way that he carried himself. “I project success through my attitude. Positivity and determination are my keys to life and that’s how I project my success into the world,” he says.



Jocelynne Brush, Team Lead of Media Relations




Jocelynne Brush, Media Relations team lead


“I dress for success by emulating who I want to be in the future. I would say I’m very career driven and I want to be in an executive role eventually, so I have to look the part,” says Jocelynne Brush. As the team lead of media relations, Brush was required to incorporate the graphic Emerge t-shirt designed by fourth-year Emerge-ist, Emma Durant. As the shirt included a graphic, structured neutrals were a must to add professionalism. To dress up the casual tee, Brush wore a matching duo of black dress pants and a chic blazer from Le Chateaux. Sleek platinum curls and a swipe of coral lipstick polished off the look.



Chantelle Cod, Member of Media Relations 



Chantelle Cod, Media Relations team member


The proper tailoring of an outfit can be the difference between a good first impression and a great one. Chantelle Cod was sure to follow this rule of thumb at this year’s conference. “I always ensure I have a clean and professional look. For me that means making sure my outfit is appropriate for the occasion and fits my body appropriately, even if that means I have to get it tailored.” Cod sported a pair of classic navy cropped dress pants from H&M and a black fitted blazer from RW&co. The ankle booties were purchased from the Bay and the mini purse is by Guess. “My outfit of course featured the stylish emerge t-shirt,” she adds.




Sabrina De Florio, Team Lead of External Marketing



Sabrina De Florio, External Marketing lead


An image of success and class, Sabrina De Florio presented herself in a black mock-neck bodysuit from Aritzia paired with belted high waisted wide-legged pants from H&M, ankle booties from Nordstrom and a Babaton cappuccino hued statement coat. But it’s not just about what you put on your body. “I think one’s body language, your tone when speaking and your overall demeanor can project a successful image. When you present yourself in a professional manner and speak articulately, I think it goes a long way when creating your self image,” says De Florio. She also suggests dressing for your body type in a way that feels most comfortable. “In doing this I’m able to reflect my individuality and creativity by mixing and matching complimentary and statement pieces.”



Nathan Shubert, Managing Editor of Multimedia


Nathan Shubert, Multimedia Editor


“Dressing for success depends on the situation. Just be sure that you know your audience and what they are expecting,” Nathan Shubert shares. He followed his own advice and dressed to impress fellow media professionals by wearing a classic black suit. According to Shubert, presenting yourself with confidence along good posture are key when emulating a successful image. “You can tell a lot about a person by the way they stand,” says Shubert. He kept his head held high while interviewing key speakers at the conference for Emerge magazine.



Laura Laurenco, Team Lead of Branded Content



Laura Laurenco, Branded Content lead


Trendy meets professional in Laura Laurenco’s spring inspired ensemble. Her outfit consisted of a pastel pink blazer and fresh white top from Zara, jeans from H&M, enviable Jimmy Choos and a Gucci purse. While this outfit remains polished and professional, there is a unique carefree edge that sets it apart from the classic dress pants and neutral colour palette. “Success is not about wearing suits and ties. I believe that dressing for success means wearing something you’re comfortable with and feel good in. Not everyone likes to wear heels or suits,” says Laurenco.


John Pattee, Coordinating Editor and Producer of Multimedia



John Pattee, Coordinating Editor and Producer of Multimedia


“I just try my best to dress appropriately for the occasion to show respect for my colleagues, while still keeping true to what styles and fits work best for me.” Remaining classy and polished, Pattee sported a navy Baumler suit on top of a Tommy Hilfiger oxford shirt. The suit was kept businesslike with the addition of brown Stacy Adams dress shoes. “I always try to put my best foot forward with the skills and experience I possess. At the same time, I thrive on helping out in any way I can, even if its areas of work I may be unfamiliar with. I loved being able to step in wherever possible, and help any team execute and perform any goal they have,” says Pattee. This adaptability was proven when he filled a last minute position as a social media producer on the day of the conference, supplying hungry Emerge-ists with live tweets.



Carmen Wong, Art Director of Print Magazine



Carmen Wong, Art Director


If anyone knows Carmen Wong, they know she consistently dominates the Guelph-Humber fashion game. Staying trendy and poised, Wong stood out in a pink and green floral top from Dynamite and a pair of cool forest green wide-legged dress pants from Zara. She says that her outfit choice fits into her own projection of success as she felt confident and comfortable not only in her clothes, but in her own skin. As for accessories, “The best accessory to an outfit is a smile. Sorry, super cliché but it’s a cliché for a reason. A smile projects success, it can make a great first impression and showcase just how ready you are to take on the world,” she says.



Alanna Hopper, Editor-in-Chief of Emerge-in Events Newsletter 



Alanna Hopper, Editor-in-Chief of in events Newsletter


“As a journalist, the most important way to project success is through your words. Always do your research before meeting with people or going to events, knowing what you’re talking about goes a long way,” advises Alanna Hopper. As the Editor-in-Chief of the newsletter, Hopper dressed “professional[ly] but not very structured.” She stepped up in a red corduroy skirt from H&M that she styled with a thrifted black turtleneck and grey ankle boots from Vince Camuto. Hopper then accessorized with a Kate Spade purse. She says this look matches her personality since she wants people to feel comfortable trusting her with big projects while still seeing that she will still bring her own creativity and style to the table.



Chantelle Ouano, Contributor of Multimedia



Chantelle Ouano, Multimedia contributor


“I don’t honestly care for brands…if it looks good on me and it’s cheap that’s the boxes that I like to check! You’ve got to save money to be successful,” says Chantelle Ouano. Staying budget-chic, Ouano wore a crisp collared shirt under a grey sweater, paired with black pants and wedged heels. “I always aim for comfort. But sometimes – obviously if you’re wearing heels or something –  you’re going feel a little uncomfortable, which is kind of what people tell you to do. Step out of your comfort zone to be successful and that’s what I did with these wedges. Also, it doesn’t hurt to give me a little height because I’m short,” she adds.




Calvin Campos, Third-year Media Student, Social Media Representative



Calvin Campos, social media representative


Emerge enthusiast and third-year media student Calvin Campos stepped up to an emergency social media position on the day of the conference. Starting in a floral short-sleeve button-up, a dark blue blazer, black dress pants and black dress shoes, Campos later swapped shirts to represent his role with an Emerge tee. “Although I don’t believe that first impressions are everything, I do believe that they do make a dent on a person. Effective communication and transparency is also quite important to me when I think about projecting success, since those tools are used for building stronger relationships,” he says.



Michelle Jachna, Third-year Media Student



Michelle Jachna


The dress I wore to the conference actually has an interesting story behind it. I was shopping with my mother when she came across this dress from Zara. She loved it. I hated it. I only tried it on because I wanted to make her happy. Now it’s one of my favourite articles of clothing. I always wear it when I want to feel cute at an event, therefore boosting my confidence,” says Michelle Jachna. She chose to pair this flowy dress with simple black tights and black bootie heels, which gave her “a little bit more of a reason to stand tall and proud of [her own] success.”



Zabrina Bolasco, Third-year Media Student



Zabrina Bolasco


Speaking appropriately for the occasion is a key projection of success for Zabrina Bolasco. “I can admit that I talk differently when it comes to friends and family versus my teachers and my boss. I make sure that I choose my words carefully when speaking to someone who has authority over me because there is some sort of professionalism that I must keep up with,” says Bolasco. The attendee also channeled her success by sticking to a sleek all-black aesthetic with pieces from H&M. “My shirt has some floral patterns on it, so it adds a touch of contrast and it’s not completely boring. I believe that wearing all black is a simple but classy combination. This outfit shows that I mean business but I can also be fun,” she adds.

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