Peter Sanfilippo

About the Author Peter Sanfilippo

Peter Sanfilippo is a media studies student specializing in journalism at the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto, Ontario. Peter has written several articles for the Guelph-Humber Radix, where he also contributed photos and took on the role of lead photo editor. He has an interest in music and popular culture, which has lead him to writing news, reviews, and features for various music news websites, such as The 88 and Substruct News, and is currently the editorial intern at Exclaim! magazine. Peter has also worked on an online radio show where he wrote and hosted a weekly broadcast with two other hosts. You can find him wandering aimlessly through Toronto’s many record stores and pizzerias, which contain his two favorite pass-times: listening to records, and eating gratuitous amounts of pizza.