As expected, Day 2 of Toronto Comicon felt like a madhouse of imagination and enthusiasm as fans came out in full force. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday, March 8th was once again home to an assortment of fans, cosplayers, artists, exhibitors and of course, celebrities.

However, Comicon is not just a place for long time fans and enthusiasts to gather; it also gives new comers a chance to experience one of the biggest events in Toronto.

“It’s really cool,” said Emily Duchene of Chatham on her first experience at Comicon, “I would totally come back next year.”

Cosplayers were once again some of the most vibrant and colorful attractions at the show. Some standouts of the day include the brutal assassin Deathstroke with his menacing and iconic orange-black mask, and a passionate family depicting characters from The Hobbit.

We also had the chance to check out various established comic book artists, as well as up-and-comers like Sanya Anwar whose art presents a unique mix of Eastern and Western philosophies with a hint of anime from Japan.

Something showgoers will notice right away at Comicon is the near uncontrollable urge to purchase rare pieces of art, trinkets, and even props from their favorite shows, comics, games, and movies. The diverse group of vendors at Toronto Comicon have a little something to offer to everyone. Some of the most interesting items we saw were original pocket watches created with a specific character in mind, as well as artists that would draw original comic pieces on the spot.

Though most people use their time at Comicon to spend money and take pictures with cosplayers, it’s also a great chance for families to spend time together.

Jeff Fader of Sarnia came up to Toronto for the weekend with his sons.

“It’s more of a time for a father and son to do some bonding together, where we can each relive our childhood and be equal on the same level with each other,” Fader said. “It’s neat [seeing] storylines that are actually timeless that it doesn’t matter what age you can be to enjoy them.”

As popular franchises and characters continue to wow new generations, is just goes to show that age truly knows no bounds in genre culture and at Comicon.

Accomplished Canadian YouTuber Sean Ward, perhaps best known for his hit video “Spider-Man VS Batman in Toronto”, explains that Comicon is all about diversity and cultural celebration.

“There’s a place here for everyone,” Ward said. “There’s something for everyone. And if you’re actually into superheroes and nerdity on that level, then you’re in luck.”

That’s a wrap on Emerge’s live coverage of Toronto Comicon 2014. Stay tuned for even more photos, videos, and stories from the show, and make sure you also check out all the excitement from Day 1.