As a public relations student and driven entrepreneur, Rob Borts has used what he has learned to start up his own recreational sports league, B2B Sports. B2B Sports runs extra-curricular sports programs for the urban professional. Primarily known for AgencyBall, a basketball league for digital media start-up companies, B2B Sports aims to build relationships and create experiences for all those involved. For more information about B2B Sports, visit

Videography: Dana Bellamy and Mayowa Adebajo
Interview: Vera Marques
Editing: Mayowa Adebajo, Dana Bellamy, and Vera Marques
Colour Correction/Titles: John Klassen
Producers: Dana Bellamy and Kristen Francescutti
Additional B-roll: Courtesy of AgencyBall

The Emerge Student Profiles video series aims to showcase the talents and achievements of the students behind the 2014 Emerge Magazine and Conference.