Bad Axe Throwing: What To Expect

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Bad Axe Throwing: What To Expect

Melanie St. Amour From Bad Axe Throwing Tells You How to Plan A Visit


For many students, stress and overwork consumes their lives. Many think that working hard is the only way to succeed. Yet, it has been proven that stepping away and taking a break is more productive than overworking.


Studies suggest that physical activity is the best way to decrease stress and improve motivation. Going to the gym or working out are great activities to get you moving and distract you from schoolwork; but they can be a hassle and a lot of work. Axe throwing is a great way to get you moving in a fun and thrilling environment.


We had the chance to speak to Melanie St. Amour from Bad Axe Throwing to learn all about axe throwing and what you need to know.


Laura Lourenco: For those who don’t know what axe throwing is, how would you describe it to them?


Melanie St. Armour: Axe throwing is similar to darts but with more adrenaline! There are 2 different sizes of axes available. Surprisingly, it’s easier to learn with the larger axe as it’s more forgiving and doesn’t require as much precision as the smaller one.


The session begins with a trained coach. Once everyone gets the hang of it that’s when the real event begins. A Bad Axe event is more than a party. It’s one part competition and one part extreme night out where you and your friends are the entertainment. Together, you’ll hurl axes in a chill and fun environment, cheer each other on and focus on one thing: being in the moment.


LL: Where did the idea of axe throwing as an activity originate?


MStA: The sport of urban axe throwing has been around for a long time. It’s popular in Canada and Europe, we just decided to take an urban approach to axe throwing.


LL: For many, a party isn’t a fun one unless there are food and drinks involved. Are these items allowed while axe throwing?


MStA: We allow you to bring your favourite party snacks, drinks and of course cake. If you’d rather have treats delivered, we’ll provide you with a list of local vendors who serve up only top-notch fare. Tables and a fridge are even provided for you to eat and keep it all extra fresh. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a cold brew in between axe throws? It’s the lumberjack way.


LL: Who can participate at Bad Axe


MStA: Anyone who can hold an axe! Whether young or old, fit or not-so-fit, axe throwing is accessible to every skill level. You don’t need to have jacked arms, but you do need to like fun. Most people have never thrown an axe before, so everyone starts off on the same even level playing field. Similar to darts, its something that anyone can do, with no previous skills or specific ability.


LL: How long can visitors axe throw for?


MStA: Our private events last, on average, from 2 to 2.5 hours with one of our dedicated BadAxe Throwing coaches. To book an event a minimum group size of 6 people is required. Private events & bookings cost anywhere from $35 to $44.25 plus tax per person.


LL: For many, safety may become a concern. How does Bad Axe ensure all their guests remain safe?


MStA: Each event is assigned a designated axe throwing coach who is with the group throughout the entire duration of the event. The professionally trained coaches provide instruction and guidance on how to perfect your throw and technique! Guests do not need to worry as we maintain high standards when it comes to the equipment and axes. Our equipment is purpose built, clean and meticulously maintained. Prior to each event, our axe throwing coaches go through and complete a checklist of items including checking and changing the target boards and preparing the axes making them sharp enough to stick to the targets but not sharp enough to harm yourself to the touch.


There’s a whole blog post on safety on our website:


LL: What advice would you give to a guest who is on the fence about axe throwing? 


MStA: Most first-time axe throwers are nervous and a little scared, employees included! Although after the first few throws you get more comfortable. As soon as you hear the “thud” of the axe sticking to the target, the feeling of empowerment takes over! As soon as this happens, people become quickly addicted, because it’s not just about throwing the axe, but about precision and hitting the bullseye!


Axe throwing is an activity that anyone can participate in! All you need are a couple of friends, comfortable clothing and an open mind. Next time you are feeling stressed or hit a roadblock try stepping away from the task at hand and getting active.


This interview has been edited and condensed.

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